Nuria Pla Monseny (1916-2011), the only daughter and heiress of the doctor Ramón Pla y Asunción Monseny, always had great philanthropic and artistic ambitions. This is reflected in the current Nuria Pla House Museum, established after his death with the aim of perpetuating his concerns and initiatives.

Nuria Pla was a cultured, intrepid woman, of clear ideas and ahead of its time

linked to science

She finished her medical studies in 1940 at the University of Barcelona, being one of the first women to graduate from this faculty in Catalonia.

Your facet as a collector

With a multifaceted personality and great business sense, from 1940 he took charge of the pharmaceutical institute that his father and Joaquín Ravetllat had founded, thus continuing its commercial activities until 1980 and living in the house until the creation in 2011 of the foundation and the museum.

A lifetime of fascination for furniture

Your facet as a collector

Her passion for culture and the arts , perhaps inherited from her mother, led her to start what would become a great collection of Spanish furniture from the 16th to 18th centuries , which also included carvings, fabrics, mirrors and objects. silver.

A priceless legacy

Within the furniture, he chose preferentially the cabinet, the table and the cupboard , considering them the most representative of Spanish culture, managing to gather a unique collection in the world for the enjoyment of the visitors of his foundation and house-museum.

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