Do you want to see how one of the most outstanding families of 20th century Barcelona lived?

Find out through the Nuria Pla House Museum , a journey into the past of Catalan pharmaceutical history and a life of collecting focused on Spanish furniture.

The Nuria Pla

An impressive noucentista estate in an exceptional place among gardens, inspired by the traditional Catalan country house of the s. XVIII.

Conceived and built-in 1928 by Adolf Florensa Ferrer

The illustrious architect of Casa Cambó and restorer of Drassanes or the cloister of Barcelona Cathedral, was inspired by traditional farmhouses to devise this unique architectural construction that stands out for its double façade surrounded by more than 3 hectares of nature in the Gardens. of Doctor Pla and Armengol.

The avant-garde laboratory of the 1919

The great admiration for her father's scientific work and her passion for collecting and Spanish decorative arts led Nuria Pla a to the determination to create the current foundation and house-museum to keep alive a legacy that is the history of medicine in Spain. Currently, the house-laboratory is open to the public and also has a large space for exhibitions.

One of the Spanish furniture collections most exclusive and complete in the world

More than 800 original pieces collected during more than six decades of passion for collecting

Undoubtedly, the highlight of the Nuria Pla house-museum is its collection of original pieces of Spanish furniture, selected from the different eras and styles of Spanish furniture to favor their study and appreciation. In addition to its authenticity, special attention has been paid to ensure that most of the pieces are in their original condition.

Delve into the inspiring life of the Pla family

The upper floor of the house, maintains the rooms with all the spectacularity and luxury of details that represent the life of one of the most outstanding and illustrious families of Barcelona in the 20th century.

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